Bond graph modelling of the cardiac action potential – published in Proceedings of the Royal Society A

Our paper on modelling the cardiac action potential using an energy-based bond graph approach has now appeared in Proc R Soc Lond A. Mathematical models of cardiac action potentials have become increasingly important in the study of heart disease and pharmacology, but concerns linger over their robustness during long periods of simulation, in particular due to issues such as model drift and non-unique steady states. In this paper we develop a general and systematic method of identifying hidden conservation laws that are responsible for these undesirable characteristics in models of cardiac electrophysiology.

M. Pan, P.J. Gawthrop, K. Tran, J. Cursons, E.J. Crampin (2018)
Bond graph modelling of the cardiac action potential: implications for drift and non-unique steady states
Proceedings of the Royal Society A 474: 20180106

Congratulations to Michael and coauthors!

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