New Preprint: Development of a 3D computational model of calcium release in heart cells

david-fig.pngOur new preprint on bioRXiv describes the development of a structurally realistic 3D computational model of a cardiomyocyte which we use to simulate reaction-diffusion of calcium release from RyR clusters during the initial phase of the cardiac calcium transient. We use the model to validate a recent algorithm, CaCLEAN, adapted from radio astronomy to detect spatial locations of RyR clusters and their functional response in living cells from imaging data.

This work was conducted by Dr David Ladd, and is a collaboration with the Soeller (Exeter) and Roderick (Leuven) labs.

D. Ladd, A. Tilunaite, C. Soeller, H.L. Roderick, E.J. Crampin, V. Rajagopal
Detecting RyR clusters with CaCLEAN: influence of spatial distribution and structural heterogeneity

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