Congratulations Dr Claire Miller!

Many congratulations to Claire, who has now successfully completed her PhD.

Claire’s thesis ‘Understanding the Regulation of Epidermal Tissue Structure by Molecular and Cellular Processes Using Multi-Scale Models’ was supervised by Dr James Osborne and Prof. Edmund Crampin. In her thesis, Claire built a multi-cellular computational model of the epidermis — the outer-most layer of the skin — to understand how epidermal height is regulated. Her study established how balance between cell-signalling, proliferation and removal maintains the epidermal thickness in healthy tissue, and also provided insight into the effects of diseases which diminish the protective role of the tissue.

Claire is now a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) working with Prof Alfons Hoekstra’s Computational Science Lab, as a part of the INSIST ‘in silico stroke trials’ project.

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